Module FunctionsΒΆ

Module functions are functions in a module which are automatically applied to events when they are consumed from a queue.

Multiple module functions can be chained in order to reach the desired effect. Module function modify events in one way or another.


  • Module functions are applied to events and modify them.
  • Module functions are executed when events are consumed from a queue.
  • Module functions are only applied to queue which are consumed by a registered function by using
  • When a function returns an error it is logged and skipped and the rest of the module functions will be applied.

Wishbone comes by default with following builtin module functions:

Name Description
wishbone.function.module.append Adds a value to an existing list.
wishbone.function.module.lowercase Puts the desired field in lowercase.
wishbone.function.module.set Sets a field to the desired value.
wishbone.function.module.uppercase Puts the desired field in uppercase.

See following examples: